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Natural, water-free, made in France and upcycled ingredients

Every natural has a story

Maison Dakōta thinks differently. We are creating a new way to produce and consume high-quality skin care products. Yes, because we love our planet, and we want to protect it, as much as we want to preserve the health of young and future generations, we have an ambition: to develop in France a natural, solid, water-free, and ecofriendly range from upcycled active ingredients. But what makes it special? To make your life simpler, we have imagined a completely new format, inspired by a lipstick tube. You can easily take them everywhere, at any time, at the cutting edge and for one goal: to take care of your skin every day.

Our brand

Each skin is sensitive. Each face is unique. They are the fruit of our commitment. That is the reason why we thought of natural and water-free formulas with concentrated and carefully selected active ingredients.

Our products

Eye contour
Facial Skincare
Our range embodies a real commitment. Yes, Maison Dakōta has thought of natural and upcycled products that respect your face: solid, water-free, efficient and rechargeable.
Pink Peppercorns Perfume
Lip Balm

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Wakan Tanka

Our inspiration: the totem animals

Maison Dakōta gets its daily inspiration from the ancestral native American culture. It is another way to maintain a privileged link to nature. Like the hunter-gatherers, we respect it, we protect it. We therefore limit our use of resources to the bare minimum and make sobriety our mantra. That is what motives us to develop products that are, above all, respectful of the health of our planet, of people and of faces. Because together, we have an ambition: to preserve the future and that of future generations.

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