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Nomad, rechargeable, natural, solid, upcycled and made in France.

Eye contour

Enriched with nourishing emollients, it provides a deep hydration and antioxydant action while helping to firm, moisture and brighten the delicate skin around the eyes.

Facial care

Inspired by the nature and its balances. The carefully selected natural ingredients in our products nourish, hydrate and revitalize your skin, restoring its vitality.

EnergyZen Perfume

EnergyZen is a harmonious fusion of energising and soothing ingredients. It embodies the balance between daytime energy and nighttime serenity and offering benefits of a neck care.

Lip balm

We’ve drawn upon the wisdom of nature to create a unique formula that hydrate, nourish and naturally protect your lips.

Eye contour

contour des yeux solide vegan et bio sans eau chic

Upcycled apple fiber

anti-wrinkle, natural color
99,5% of natural origin ingredients

Magnut oil

Helps protecting the skin from oxidative stress and free radicals thus prevents the appearance of aging signs. Foster skin hydration.

Apple fiber

Upcycled powder with a soft, mattifying sensorial experience; Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Natural color .

Mango butter

Regular use of mango butter can address many skin conditions as imperfections, wrinkles, sunburn and various skin disorders.

Facial care

soin du visage solide vegan et bio sans eau chic
Upcycled mint and green tea leaves extracts

99,5% of natural origin ingredients

Coriander oil


Enhances the skin balance, soothes and conforts naturally sensitive skins. Nourishes the skin. Favor a well being for sensitive skins and dry skins.

Upcycled Phytosqualane

Derived from olives, the natural Squalane extract is a renewable vegetal source. Recognized as a high quality emollient that helps moisturizing the skin with a non-greasy feel to restore the lipid barrier.

Mint and green tea leaves

Upcycled and organic, rich with antioxidants and vitamins, it protects your skin from aging and from environmental aggressions.

Energyzen Perfume

parfum solide soin chic vegan et bio sans eau

Energy and zen solid perfume

topped with skin care benefits
99,5% of natural origin ingredients

Golden algae extract

Enhance skin comfort and actively helps reducing the appearance of aging signs.

Sunflower oil

Helps protecting the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress harmful effects to prevent the appearance of aging signs.

Alcohol-free fragrance

A 100% natural perfume with a warm, rich and floral fragrance. A sun-kissed skin scent with gourmand nature.

Lip Balm

baume à lèvres solide vegan et bio sans eau chic

Upcycled cranberry seed oil

hydrating and antioxydant
99,5% of natural origin ingredients

Cranberry seed oil

Helps protecting the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress harmful effects and therefore to prevent lip aging. Native americans have been using it for centuries for its nutritional, coloring and medicinal properties.

Wild mango wax

Provides an excellent moisturizing, hydrating and softening effect for the skin. It protects and repairs the skin and lips with thanks to its film-forming nature, restoring softness and smoothness. A recommended ingredient for protective and moisturizing balms.

Rice flour

Reduces the sticky and greasy  sensation from formulations. Contributes to skin smoothness with a powdered skin sensation. Provides a powerful mattifying effect.

contour des yeux solide sans eau bio chic vegan

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tribu durable naturel soin

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Natural and vegan products

We develop natural products to preserve your skin and your body by using natural ingredients partly upcycled.

Made in France

maison dakota develops and manufactures all of its products in France whilst respecting the environment.

Waterless and solid

We are a leading brand among the solid and waterless skincare and perfume manufacturers.

and recyclable

We create rechargeable products, made by design to be portable and for an everyday use.