Our brand

Redefining the beauty experience with revolutionary skincare

We’re changing the game in skincare production and consumption. Our mission: to protect your skin every day with natural formulas and innovative formats.

Our story

soin du visage solide vegan et bio sans eau chic

We have launched maison dakōta to create an alternative nomadic and natural

maison dakōta was born out of a passion for nature and a desire to change the game in skincare.

Co-founders Piergil and Eva knew that conventional products fell short of expectations, so they set out on a mission to create a natural and nomadic alternative.

Their vision was to craft a French-made, innovative line of products that would not only be good for your skin, but also for the planet.

After months of hard work and dedication, maison dakota is proud to present its first range of products, a testimony to our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Our values

naturel et upcyclé


maison dakota formulas are crafted with carefully chosen natural ingredients, and offer you responsible formulas, without any unnecessary ingredients.

Made in France

maison dakota develops and manufactures all of its products in France. As a result of a real commitment, it has become the DNA of our brand.

naturel et upcyclé


We have created facial skincare products that combine effectiveness and natural ingredients partly upcycled, to take care of you and the planet.


Inspired by the native american indian culture, we carefully select each active ingredient to be collected from the nature.

sans eau


We have thought about an innovative, solid, and waterless format to maximize the efficiency of our products. This unique approach promotes practical everyday use for a recyclable product.

NomadIC BY nature

We are the new world nomadic people. Everywhere, at any moment, maison dakōta is by your side, in your pocket, to protect your skin.

tribu nature durable

After months of work,
our product range is here.

Our inspiration : the totem animals

maison dakōta gets its daily inspiration from the native American people culture. It is another way to maintain a privileged link to nature. Like the hunter-gatherers, we respect it, we protect it. We therefore limit our use of resources to the bare minimum and make sobriety our mantra. That is what motivates us to develop products that are above all, respectful of our planet, its people and faces. Because together, we have an ambition: to preserve the future and that of future generations.

maison dakōta is your dedicated companion for a healthy skin

Soin contour des yeux solide sans eau rechargeable vegan

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parfum solide soin sans eau vegan bio
soin du visage solide sans eau bio chic vegan totem