Each personality have multiple facets which can be represented by an animal totem.






Throughout our development and creation process, we have drawn inspiration from the rich culture of the native american people, the animal totems and the surrounding nature.


Eye contour

This totem animal stands out for the power of its vision, both short and long term. In its own way, the eagle, using its legendary intuition and observation skills, helps us to gain perspective and soar above important things in life.

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Face care

This totem elegantly symbolizes the balance and physical strength connected to earth energies. This totem animal is so powerful that it inspires those which have the courage to fiercely combat the every day adversity. In deep connection with mother earth and the cycles of nature.


EnergyZen Perfume

The most surprising about this animal totem is its deep connection with the wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If you consider the owl as one of your favorite totems, you probably possess a rare gift: the capacity to see what is usually invisible for most of us. You are capable of seeing beyond illusions and deception to get to the essence of things, the truth. Discovering the unknown is the magic of life.

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Lip balm

The she-wolf and the wolf represent a world where nature and spirituality form a timeless and inseparable duo. Thus, they are a direct reference to the instinct, the intelligence and the freedom. At the heart of the pack, they symbolize social connection and the ability to thrive as a group.

Drawing inspiration from native american rituals ?

We have much to learn from the native american ancestral culture.  Thanks to their deep connection with mother nature, these people remind us the importance of one word: sobriety. We must integrate this notion within our production methods.

maison dakōta is a committed tribe dedicated to taking care of your skin.

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